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Credit Card Processing Is Confusing

Credit card processing can take a lot of money from your business. CC Processing is a necessary evil to run your business smoothly. With Sabor POS, CC Processing is no longer difficult and through our payment gateway you can expect to receive your money quickly and more of it. A few things every business should know are:

  • What you are being charged
  • When you will get your money
  • Maintain a bottom line that you are happy with
  • With Sabor Pay you will actually get money back for processing with us!
  • For a limited time we will give you a $200 gift card just for processing with us for 3 months. All you need to do to get started is to send us your statement and we will work with you to get a better rate
  • Paid in a reasonable amount of time
  • Get you that $200 gift card
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